Thursday, March 06, 2008

Getting bigger

A couple days ago on the 26th Charlotte turned 26 months old! She is also just a couple ounces shy of weighing 26 pounds. Silly.

My little Charlotte,
You are really a two year old. You have begun hitting me and testing me in new ways. However, you also delight me in new ways too. You eat all sorts of things, however you often insist on sitting on your dad's lap during dinner. Spoiled little girl. You are enjoying coloring and doodling more now than before. You have begun to help with prayers occasionally and love to say "Mamen" (Amen). Many of the word that start with a vowel you like to put an M on the beginning. Mup=Up, Mout=out, As in make-mup and make mout. You are saying darling little sentences. One of your cute new phrases, No it's not. I don't know why it cracks me up.

You are adventurous and love to do everything with your big brother. You love to climb and dig and jump and spin. You also like to get pretty and wear make up.

You are also getting much more affectionate. You used to love to deny me of kisses. Not anymore. You kiss me often and I am loving it. You love to kiss cheeks, arms, legs, lips and it is so funny. However I am sometimes also suprised with a nice wet lick on the arm too. Weirdo. That is one of my words you have picked up on. I laugh whenever you say weirdo, retard, or funny. It is too great in your little voice.
I love you so much and am so blessed and excited to get to watch you grow and learn.
Love always,
Your Momma

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Emily said...

Well, she can carry a tune:) I LOVED reading all of this.