Thursday, March 06, 2008

Henry 7 months old

I haven't had the internet for 5 or 6 days, so these growing up kid posts are late. I have caught up on my blog reading, but didn't comment since I had so many to read and had at least one kid on my lap while doing it.

Henry is 7 months old as of February 27th. It is amazing the growth I watch month to month.

My funny little guy,
You are growing up way too fast. You are always on the verge of doing new things. This last month has been so funny. You are gobbling up your baby food now. You can easily down a size 2 jar in one sitting. Your face rash is much better, but still persistent enough to never fully leave. Your body and head are just little and round and you are such a fun size. It is the perfect time for throwing you in the air and carrying you in one arm. You easily entertain yourself and it is so fun to be able to sit you down on the floor and watch you search something out and then go for it. Your crawling has improved greatly. You seemed to do it out of no where. First you were scooting and army crawling all over. Now in the week since you've turned 7 months old you are crawling on your hands and knees with your belly off the floor like a champ! You can get all around our house! Also in that week you have learned a really cute, but not fun new trick that I was not expecting so soon. One night I was trying to let you cry yourself back to sleep, since it was much too early for you to be waking up to eat. You were really mad so I went to peek in and saw you in your crib, on your knees, holding tight to the railing. You couldn't get back down! Silly kid. The next two times you were all the way standing up, gripping the rail for your life. While I find it adorable to see your tiny body standing there and find it funny that you don't understand how to get down yet there are definite cons. Every time I lay you down in bed now you immediately head for the rail and start pulling yourself up! aaaahh! No more pouting yourself to sleep for a few minutes, you get yourself stuck in standing position and yell furiously. Oh the joy. Now I have to wait until you are basically comatose in my arms to lay you down and once you wake there is no crying it out because I have to come rescue you. Hopefully you will figure out that letting go would not be the end of the world as you are standing on a mattress.

Oh my little baby, you are wonderful. You continue to be very positive and easy going. The sleeping issues are the only trouble you've given me. You are very well behaved, healthy, and happy and we just love it. Charlotte thinks you are a great play thing and I look forward to seeing your relationship develop with her. Tucker is your helper and protector and loves you so much. We are so blessed to have you as an amazing part of our family. We love you dearly and can't imagine living without you.
All my love and unwanted kisses,

He anticipates the flash on the camera and closes his eyes now so I have to shut it off.


Katie said...

You have such cute kids, Robin. I remember when Tucker was tiny! My Jake did the getting-stuck-standing-up thing, and so I put him to bed in a pack-n-play for a few weeks. He had nothing to grip to pull himself up, so he'd give up and go to sleep. I helped him practice bending those knees to get down during the day, and when he was good at it I moved him back to the crib.

Gina said...

Henry is just a dollbaby! I can't wait to kiss him in less than 2 weeks!

Emily said...

I loved watching that kid crawl while I was there and you're right, he is a great size for holding. That's so crazy that he gets stuck standing up in bed! These are some great pictures, they show off so many of his expressions!