Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

Friday we had a nice little trip to Costco. All was well until Henry emitted huge amounts of vomit all over the shampoo aisle. The rest of the day he couldn't keep down even an ounce of formula.

Later that afternoon we went to pick up Claire ( my 9 year old sister) to spend the night because my parents were at a hotel in Scottsdale for their anniversary. In the short amount of time that we spent there waiting for Trent to call and tell us he was ready for us to come pick him up Tucker managed to drop one of the baby kittens on it's head and hurt it. Henry was covered in puke and then it was time to get Trent at a coworkers house, since he had just gotten back from 2 days of real estate meetings in Texas.

We went and grabbed take out from Panda Express and Pedialite from Fry's. I was exhausted.

Saturday Henry spent a lot of time sleeping and the other kids spent a lot of time ( at least 3 hours) going back and forth between the hot tub and the pool. Trent even got to jump in for a while between doing projects in the yard. After dinner I was still without mother's day presents for my moms and headed to the dreaded mall. I could have spent hours in Borders. I hadn't been to a bookstore in a really long time. I got home at 9 o'clock to a snoozing husband.

Early Sunday morning I got a call from my lil brother Mark from his mission in Mexico! What a fun treat. Sunday seemed to be going quite well. Trent made waffles which is absolutely unheard of and I had roses and cute cards to wake up to. We were 15 minutes late for church, but that isn't unusual anymore at our 8:00 meeting time. Trent and I napped while the kids did, which was great. We enjoyed all of Trent's family at a big Mother's day dinner until Henry vomited all over his lovely Aunt Kim and everything in the nearby vicinity.


Emily said...

Happy Mother's Day! Poor, poor little Henry:(

amanda p. said...

hey your little baby belly is too cute

Charlotte is a grown up!

And I am still working on names. I like lots, just not sure which ones I'm willing to share :) I'll get back to ya soon!

Tori :) said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

Laura and Jimmy said...

Hey! Congratulations on baby 4!! That's exciting. Henry's little video a few posts back is adorable. What a cutie... that's the pits about the allergies though! Sounds like no fun.

Nancy Face said...

I'm sorry about Henry having the sickies! :(

How fun...waffles and roses and cards and A NAP! :)