Monday, May 05, 2008

What a little shrimp

Henry had his 9 month well-check on Friday. He only ways 16 lbs. and 2 oz. (only a couple more ounces than his check up 3 months ago). The doctor was concerned about his overall height, weight and head growth. The problem is more than likely that he wasn't getting enough calories and nutrients before we got him on the formula. They had to draw some blood for a couple tests :( and we have to take him back to re-weigh him in a couple weeks. He has me thickening Henry's formula with extra formula or rice cereal and Henry is eating great, so I think he'll be beefing up soon! None of my kids inherited my fat baby gene. I was a huge chunk.

Henry's newest trick: standing on his own! I mean with no assistance at all. He's been doing this for almost a week. He will stand up in the middle of the room without holding on to anythig for support. It is pretty amazing. He goes from sitting into this little squat and just stands right up. I know our other kids didn't do that until they had started walking, I remember because they would walk a few steps and then have to crawl over to something to pull themselves back up before they could walk again. Way to go Henry!

Trent took Tucker for Father and Sons campout on Friday and after I got the other 2 kids to bed I was joined by Lauren, my soon to be SIL. She bought me Pei Wei and we just sat around and talked. It was great.

Tonight I am joining my friend Lindy to go to the Diamondbacks game. It is so exciting. Only 2 weeks ago I couldn't go anywhere before Henry was in bed since I was his only source of food. Wow, I feel so free! I wish I could still give him his bedtime feeding, but my body has decided that I am all the way done. That's okay, I am glad Henry doesn't seem to mind.


Tori :) said...

He's such a cutie! I'm so glad you are experiencing more freedom. You deserve it. :)

Jillsywillsy said...

I just keep picturing Mel Gibson as William Wallace shouting "FREEDOM!!!" I know how you feel.

Emily said...

He is SO cute and talented. When Jonah's weight curved way down the doctor suggested coconut milk, avacados, and I added in hotdogs. Lots of fat there! I would put coconut milk on his hot cereals and occassionally in his sippy cup.

Gina said...

I can't believe Henry is standing on his own! He's too little for that! Stop growing, you cute boy!

Hope you had fun a the game!

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

i don't care how little he is, i still LOVE him!

Nancy Face said...

Lauren weaned herself to a bottle at 7 months...I wasn't AT ALL ready to quit, but I knew she was sick and tired of breastfeeding because she was kicking and punching me! :0

When I told her about that, she thought it was awesome! :D