Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our little graduate

Yesterday was Tucker's preschool graduation. It was cute and funny. They performed their "zoo phonics" song and The Bumblebee song. Tucker was the kid crossing his arms and sulking. I still enjoyed his grumpy little face. Trent's mom said he did that same thing at every performance he ever participated in which made it even funnier to me. He warmed up a little when they counted to twenty and then backwards from ten and yelled "Blast Off!" Then it was time for the diplomas. This picture is about the greatest thing ever. They presented each kid with this little "diploma" along with a smartie award. The Smartie Award was a little paper they read aloud that the child had filled in the blanks. When Tucker had been asked why he was a smartie, he said " because my mom makes me." and when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he replied, " A visiting home teacher." That got a pretty good laugh from about half the parents there and the other ones were left a bit confused I think.
After the "ceremony" we headed to Chuck E. Cheese. Thankfully my great MIL took Henry so he could nap and I could focus on playing with Tucker and Charlotte. We had a great time.

After we got home we had even more fun. Jill, Jordyn, Macey, and Kiley came over and we took a dip in our pool. It was a great day for it.

Henry was fevering on and off yesterday and last night it spiked to 102.2, he had a rough time falling asleep. Luckily he seems to be feeling well this morning and I am feeling very grateful and happy for my healthy, hilarious, darling kids and am feeling excited to have another one. I seem to fluctuate between excitement, gratitude, and complete fear of having my fourth baby.


Gina said...

Tucker is a crack up! What a fun memory of him on graduation day!

Sorry to hear about Henry. Can the mama catch a break? I admire your strength!

Tori :) said...

LOL! "A visiting home teacher..." What? He doesn't want to me EQ president??

Tori :) said...

To BE not to me.

Nancy Face said...

Preschool graduations are the cutest events ever! :)

Macey said...

Congrats to Tucker! We had lots of fun swimming...I love your house and your pool and your kiddos.

Emily said...

Jonah had the stomach flu yesterday and now has something involving a very snotty nose. Poor kids!