Friday, June 13, 2008

My life right now

In pictures

We go in the pool. Every. Day.

And that's ALL I do pretty much.
Other things of note: Henry got his first major forehead bruise and he also learned to clap on Wednesday.


stephanie said...

that picture of charlotte is so cute! she is looking older these days.

we want to go in your pool.

Emily said...


Leatha said...

Robin! So good to "see" you and the family. Charlotte and Tucker are so big. And so beautiful! Henry is just adorable too. Congrats on the pregnancy!

Gina said...

That last photo is just PERFECT! Dollbabies, that is what they are!

I so want to come over and play with you all... I am not even going to show this post to Liam... he wants to swim 24/7.