Monday, June 02, 2008

Funny things my kids say and do

Everything Charlotte says lately just kills me!
It is mostly her voice and pronunciation that makes it so great, so this post won't really help you understand until I get some video.

Some of my favorites:
"Eeew, gross."

" I like it, I lick it, I bite it."

" I do my shirt by myself, I don't need help."

" I'm Daddy's pretty little girl."

"I'm not happy."

" Baby in my tummy, Mommy."

Yesterday Tucker told me, " Guess what Mom? People that are changing into 5 year olds help their Moms."

He has also taken to practicing sounding out words and trying to spell them himself with fantastic results. Here is just one example.
SBGEDE =spaghetti

Henry continues to practice walking, sometimes taking 6-8 steps at a time.


stephanie said...

what a smart kid that tucker is!

missed you today.

Tori :) said...

"People that are changing into 5 year olds..." LOVE IT!

Emily said...

Wonderful stuff!

Gina said...

All three of them are so smart and cute!

I totally know what you mean with the voices along with the words... it's the cutest combination! Liam cracks me up daily with the new phrases he says.