Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Actual plans

Last week Trent was in Havasupai with the priests from our ward from Wednesday afternoon until Saturday morning. I am quite jealous and can't wait to go there one day. It is like the strangest oasis paradise in the middle of the desert. The pictures and videos Trent took of the beautiful waterfalls and of them cliff jumping right there in the waterfalls are amazing. With him gone I didn't get out much.

This week I actually have things to get ready for and to do. Yesterday I took the kids to my mom's and went to Hancock Fabric where I got some really great fabrics. The green floral one is for my kitchen valance and since the kitchen opens up into the family room I am going to use it for some accents in there as well. Then I went to the dollar store and found some cute little stuff. Haven't done that in a long time.

Thursday my SIL Dusti and I are hosting a baby shower for my other SIL Andrea at my house! I am excited about it, but I have a lot to do. Then on Friday morning I have the joy of my glucose test. Why do I hate getting my blood drawn so much?
Saturday is the primary talent show, wow stuff for me to do.

So those are my plans for this week, how about you?


Jillsywillsy said...

You are going to be busy. It looks like I am not even going to get your early birthday present to you until after your birthday. Man I suck.

Gina said...

Um, yeah, I really want to go to that waterfall place...

Love the new fabrics!!! I need to find myself in a store like that and soon...

You and Charlotte are such beauties!

Good luck with all your plans!

Lindy said...

so your birthday is coming up yay!!! can you go to lunch after your glucose test.
ps that waterfall picture is amazing

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Cute fabrics!!!
Have fun with the baby shower!!!

My plans for this week? I am going to die tomorrow.