Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Company Retreat '08

So Tucker had a lot of fun his first day at school. He did tell me that he was "worn out" a lot after though.

Over the weekend we had a great time at Trent's work's company family retreat. Each year they put us up for a night at a nice resort with fun water features and take us out for a nice dinner. I love Trent's company. All the guys there are great and their wives and families are just as fun.

We enjoyed a lot of time in the wave pool, lazy river, and the splash pad. I didn't have my camera out much around the water, but did get some pictures at dinner.


Chellie said...

Good times. Sounds like fun!

Emily said...

I wish I had a lazy river surrounding my house like a moat.

Nancy Face said...

Wow! What a great place for a retreat! So much fun! :)