Saturday, August 02, 2008

more name talk

Since Trent has little interest in discussing baby names I am counting on you all for feedback. Tell me your favorite, least favorite, first impression, kind of kid that name brings to mind, or give me some new suggestions.
Some of these names Trent has already crossed out, but that doesn't mean that they might not come back into the running.

You already know these three.


Now what about these.
Pumpkin (Charlotte's suggestion)

Let it all out.


Jillsywillsy said...

I love Josie. I wanted to name Jordyn Josephine and call her Josie. I also love Amelia.

Chellie said...

Considering the names you already have for your children...
My choice would be:
Violet (so cute with Charlotte)

But I really like Lucy (but it's so popular, if you care) and Frankie.

My only real "no's" are Wendy, Pumpkin (sorry Charlotte), Tabitha and Bridgette.

That's all.
I'm so opinionated. :)

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

if i didn't already have a gracie, my next girl would be lucy. big fave. i also like josie, violet, and frankie. and those are based on what i think would fit well in your family. good luck!

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

I like Lucy still, and I'm really liking Violet. I'm not so sure about Frankie, but I could be convinced. I'm not sure if you're doing "Frankie & Charlie" on purpose.

Bridgette makes me think of The Girls Next Door.

I was about to list the other names I liked, but it's like all of them on your list. Maybe we can talk in person or something.

Andrea and Blake said...

On your new list I'm thinking Daphne is super cute, along with Lola! Not so fond of Frankie being that we call Henry "Hankie" sometimes! But of course I love the 3 you were liking at first too. Best of luck, I only have 5 days to decide on a boy name - it's SO stressful

Emily said...

I like Violet, Tabitha, and Bridgette best but they are all pretty darling. I actually know a girl named Punkin, I wouldn't recommend it.

Nancy Face said...

I'm LOVING Paisley! :)

Tori :) said...

I agree with Chel. I think Violet sounds way cute with Charlotte.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I love Paisley as well. I know of a baby named Paisley May and I think it is the cutest name. I also love:


Pumpkin made me hungry. I love that Charlotte suggested it though.

stephanie said...

i love josie. lucy, violet and amelia are my second faves. good luck!

p.s. you aren't ugly.

Chellie said...

Okay... so I just read the other thoughts... I love Paisley as well, but don't think it fits in with the other names. It was our 2nd choice next to Scarlet.

Good luck. When you see her, you'll know and it will fit her and be perfect.

Anonymous said...

That's my favorite.
I also love Lola and Daphne would be totally beautiful and unique.
Your mommy

Emily said...

I also like Paisley (it suits you somehow) and Josie. Though Violet is my favorite I think it actually is a no no since you already have Charlotte. But who I am I to talk, my kids names rhyme.

Leatha said...

Personally, I love your top 3, Lola, and Violet. Especially with your last name.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking that would fit right in with your other kids names or leila and amelia.

Laura and Jimmy said...

i LOVE leila!! :)

Anonymous said...

Lucy - Like It

Leila - Not a Fan

Amelia - pretty

Josie - I think of the movie Never Been Kissed

Violet - Love It

Paisley - Love it

Daphne - a cool name...and underused

Lola - Like It

Wendy - I think of Peter Pan

Frankie - Don't like it at all.

Pumpkin - Let Charlotte use the name for her Barbie and not your baby.

Tabitha - Like It

Bridgette - Like It