Thursday, August 07, 2008

Mon, Tue, Wed

Monday I was feeling particularly nauseous and tired and my sweet friend Chellie brought me dinner! It was delicious and such a treat to have the night off of dinner duty. She even included paper dinnerware so I didn't have to clean up. Plus, she brought cupcakes and rice krispy treats that we've been enjoying all week. Thanks Chellie!

Here was Trent's clever solution to keep Henry's hands clean during sucker time on Monday.

Then it was time for all the boys to get haircuts. It was Henry's first one. I was sad to see his cute hair go, but man he sure has a darling round head.

Tuesday all we managed to get done was a quick trip to Target. It was terrible. The kids were not cooperating.

Wednesday was long. My cute friend Cassi and her husband own a hair salon and said I could come get a free haircut, if I didn't mind being a teaching tool. I was more than happy to oblige. My wonderful SIL Dusti let me drop off the kids while I got my hair done. Then I ran back there, ate lunch and had to run off again to get Henry checked at the doctor, he hadn't been feeling well or sleeping well and I suspected an ear infection. The older kids didn't want to leave yet, so she let me go to the doctor with only one kid, which was great. Sure enough Henry has a double ear infection (his first one) and we were able to get the appropriate medication.

That has been my exciting week thus far. I have high hopes of seeing Mel and Gracie today and possibly getting Charlotte's new (to us) bed(click on link to check out bed and tell me what you think) tonight!


Chellie said...

You are SO welcome. I'm glad you liked it. Simple, but good (I hope).

Cassi is great, isn't she? Isn't she due soon too? I need to get to her salon. I'd love for her to do my hair and you always look SO cute.

Poor little guy. Ear infections are so painful.

Need anything?

emily and Nate said...

your kids are so cute Robin i love Tuckers face while getting his hair-cut. I feel for little Henry I'm just getting over a ear infection and they really hurt, poor guy. Good luck with the new one on the way!

Emily said...

Poor little Hankie. Photo of Tuck too cute! My week has FLOWN by! It's total madness somehow even without any particular things to do.