Sunday, September 20, 2009

Paisley is one!

Paisley turned one yesterday. I can't believe it. I am pretty sure we won't have any more of our own babies around here again, so it is sort of a sad feeling. I can't believe she is already one. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that I was in the hospital with her newly born tiny body next to mine. So perfect and small. Her nose smooshed to the side, her hair almost black, her tiny long skinny fingers with their tiny nails. Her wrinkly little feet and tiny little bum.

Thank you for joining our family. You are so perfectly wonderful. You are truly a blessing. You hum like a little kitten purs. Lately you are eating so much and loving food. You are so blonde now. You have the stickey-outey belly that cracks me up. Your cheeks and thighs are so wonderfully chubby. You are running around now. You love to carry around remote controls or phones. You love your family. You never want to sit down in the bath or get your hair rinsed out. You are so strong and wiggly. Sometimes you like to be held, but you are usually on the move. You love to pull books from their shelves and toys from their buckets or drawers as well as clothes. You make silly happy noises and are starting to mimick some of the noises we make. You are keeping up with the silly face making, always entertaining us. I love to watch your cheek dimples deepen when you suck on a straw or sippy and I love your chin dimple as well. You're gorgeous basically. You have already started trying to put on other family members shoes to walk around in, I'm sure you've been watching Henry too much. I hope you enjoy being one. We will miss your sweet babiness. I know you will continue to love and learn and grow by leaps and bounds and I look forward to each new move. You are my little angel and I love you so completely.



Gina said...

I love that little angel! She is just so precious! A year old? Wow! I wish I could have been there for the celebrations.

Great letter, Robin. You are such a fabulous mama bear!

Emily said...

Paisley, you are darling and sweet I love you. Sorry I forgot to call on your birthday.

Klin said...

Absolutely adorable. I can't believe it has been a year. She is so precious. I can see it in her face. Plus she is one of yours and Trent's and you two make cute kiddos.