Sunday, December 26, 2010

Grandma's funeral

I'm ready to stop being busy and sick and lazy and blog again. My Grandma Donna's funeral was a celebration of her life. We will miss her. But my faith in the gospel gives me an understanding about death, that makes this so much easier. I know she is happy and with those she loves. We mourned and remembered as a family and I was happy to spend time with cousins that I rarely get to see.


 Trent helping Elora place a rose on the casket
 My sister Emily and her son Jonah. (We had the pleasure of their company at our house for almost a whole week, along with her daughter Elora.)
 Me with my two cousins born the same summer as me. My Grandma liked to refer to us as the triplets.
 Many of my Grandma's grandchildren.
 My siblings +3 spouses+Emily's 2 kids -Sarah who had left shortly before this picture. Yes, I have 8 siblings.


Colburns said...

sorry for you loss Robin, You look like Maggie Gylenhal Lately just fyi (0:

Emily said...

Thanks for taking such great pictures.

Gina said...

Now that I see your blog, I know what is happening in that last photo. That last photo is the only thing I saw on facebook, so that is why I was confused. So sorry for your loss, Robin. You took great photos!