Tuesday, December 07, 2010

UT part 4

 Saturday after spending the morning at Aspen Groves we headed out with our little family +Charlotte's buddy/cousin Ashlyn to go spend time with my sister Emily and her hubby and kids and her in-laws amazing cabin. Also, our friends Gina and Ian were meeting us there with their little guy Liam. It was such a fun filled day, I didn't want it to end.

Gina is a photographer and took some amazing shots. It was nice to actually be in a few pictures!

 with my sister Emily

 With Gina

Trent made a double jump for the kids on the ski hill. I got some pretty fun shots of that.


BrookiesCloset said...

Beautiful photos! I am impressed!

Gina said...

Robin you are so easy on the eyes. I love taking your photo... wish I could do that every day! I LOVE YOUR FACE!

Emily said...

Even though I took it and I've seen it before, that bottom picture just cracked me up!!

Claire said...

I cracked up so hard at that picture of Emily and Jonah!!!!!!!!! hehehe