Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Life

Yesterday we released our last 6 butterflies. It was wonderful seeing them finally able to fly high out in the open.
Meal times as a family are the best! Henry eating breakfast in his diaper, one snow boot, and one cowboy boot. He is so funny about shoes. Usually he won't let his green crocs leave his sight and I have to put them next to him in his crib during naps "so Paisley doesn't get them".
Tucker was showing me how he can whistle. He has his first loose tooth this week and is so excited about it!
The face I just can't get enough of!


Lisa said...

happy life for sure- wouldn't be happy without such fun kids! it's great to enjoy the small things.

Skye said...

I love the story of the crocs, kids are so funny.

Elizabeth said...

Sharing meals as a family makes for a very happy life I agree.
Great pics... thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

Robin, I loved visiting your blog! You have such beautiful kids--expected though, with you as their mommy. And you're so CRAFTY!!! Way to go! Thanks for sending me the link to your etsy shop, too. Take care!

Emily said...

Oh Hanky, you crack me up!