Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pics and recaps

These are the pavers I was telling you about. Trent did a lot of prep work for these babies. Making sure they would drain water away from the house, taking out tons of dirt and layering back up with ABC and sand. Then he did all the cutting and laying. He is a jack of all trades and I love all he does for our home! Now for grass!! Can't wait.

Yesterday Charlotte's preschool went to "tour" Krispy Kreme. The tour was lame, but the doughnuts were tasty.
The cutest kids ever.

They did not want to wear the hats, but a good mother always makes kids do stuff they don't want to if it makes a cute picture, right?

Bunko girls.

I am not an official member of the group anymore, but I went to the hair accessory making "Bunko" night last week and had a blast. This is Kristen. I love her. And my face is fat.
Donna busy crafting and Katie growling in background!
Charlotte, Kristen, and Desiree. Super cuties.


Unknown said...

holy cow, trent did a LOT of work! it looks awesome, too.

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

remember our married version of a sleepover? i was sure i was gonna get some face time for that.

also, i love you like crazy glue. :)

Robin said...

yeah mel, I should've gotten a picture of us snuggling on my bed watching star trek!

Emily said...

Yes, you finally got to watch Star Trek! And snuggling a beautiful woman too!!
LOOOOOVE the backyard progress:) And that picture of Paisley makes me want to kiss her to death.

Unknown said...

Robin! That's not fair!