Sunday, October 17, 2010

California (2nd day)

We woke up to a cool, foggy morning. Ate, checked out of our hotel and headed to the beach. We were close to Balboa island where we had the bonfire the night before, so we just parked around there and headed toward the ocean. In hindsight, we probably should've headed over by Huntington or closer to Newport pier, because our spot had a pretty steep slope down to the water, but we had a lot of fun and it wasn't crowded.
It was cooler than the other days we were there and we weren't really planning on getting wet, but some of the stronger waves got us while we were dipping our feet in

. Henry was in heaven. He didn't care much for the water, but loved shoveling sand into his dump truck. We also flew our kite.

Then we were all wet and cold and hungry and Trent was ready to do some body surfing. He was so cute and grinning like a little kid. He always says he doesn't see why I like the ocean so much, but clearly he does too! Goes to show he can have fun without motorized vehicles!


Melly Mel said...

i can't wait to see more of you keeping record. it looks like you guys had so much fun!!!

Emily said...

Why is Gabe SO handsome? Great pics!!!