Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Disneyland (last Tues and Wed)


The Jedi training show was fun to watch (we did not make it in time to have Tucker participate). We squeezed everything we could in before 6 (they closed early for the Mickey's Trick or Treat party) then we headed across to California Adventure for a couple more small rides (Tuck and Roll's bumper cars and the Monster's Inc ride). before heading back to the hotel where we all promptly crashed.

Wednesday morning we headed back to Disneyland a few minutes after opening again, this day was much more crowded (but I'm sure nothing like on weekends or peak hours- which is important as Trent hates to wait for anything and isn't particularly fond of people in general :) ) We went on just a few rides there before heading to California Adventure for the rest of the day
On the rocking car ferris wheel at night.
. It was lots of fun for everyone, probably a little too much waiting for Henry (at least he napped in the stroller both days) and probably a little scary for Charlotte a few times.

Some favorites: Tucker loved basically everything. I think he is saying Space Mountain was his favorite, but after almost every ride he would say "That was awesome!" and continue to give me a play by play.
I think Splash Mountain was the  favorite for Charlotte and me.
Henry liked the Buzz lightyear ride the best ("shooting the bad robot") but still would have rather been at the beach.

Waiting for the Matterhorn

Buzz Lightyear line

Henry HAD to drive this car.

The Disneyland train
Splash Mountain

We did miss a few things that I would have liked to try. You really can't squeeze everything in! I have to say, Charlotte never complains, what a doll!


Kristen said...

charolettes a hoot! she was making silly faces in almost every picture...sounds like her and Brody have more in common!!

Skye said...

That looks so fun, we're going in December and I can't wait. Did you get Disneyland passes cheap somehow, I'm trying to decide if its worth getting them off of ebay or another site or if its too risk?

jckhadlocks said...

I'll have to agree with the other comment and say.. That looks like a good time! And the ocean looks cold.

Klin said...

I always tell me kids that when we don't get to do everything it means we need to come back and catch 'em next time.

I love the faces you captured and I am so needing a Disney trip. With my kids being bigger it is sure to be a new experience for us.

Emily said...

My favorite rides are Pirates and anything with the word Mountain. I can't believe Charlotte liked Splash Mountain so much! It's pretty scary. Glad Trent had a good time too. What was his favorite?

PONCIANO said...

FUN!! It looks like you all had tons of fun!