Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hot Spots

Charlotte has been enjoying this spot on a Pooh Bear blanket looking at brightly colored links in her awake time. She also enjoys her swing and mostly being held. She does not like her car seat and is warming up to the baby bjorn. She had her two month check up on Monday where she weighed in at 11 lbs. 14 oz. and measured 23 inches long. Both are about the 75th percentile, I don't think Tucker was ever that high percentile wise. Her hair is growing back nicely on the top of her head as she rubs a bald spot on the back of it from lying on her back all the time. The doctor was very impressed with the strength in her neck and back! She's a keeper.
For the last couple of days this has been Tucker's favorite toy, the box to my sewing machine. For hiding , playing, drinking from a sippy and watching cartoons, you name it. He is always good for a laugh. This morning he was eating some teddy grahams, he put a handful in front of himself on the table. I asked him "Can you count those?" To which he replied "Yeah. Uno, dos, tres,quatro,seis, dos, quatro, quatro." Thank you Dora the Explorer!


stephanie said...

i am so glad you started a blog! it is a bit weird how my sister saw it before i did, but isn't this blogging thing great! your kids are so cute, i can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

Unknown said...

Sweet Box, Tucker. Lucky. Now I wish I had a box.

Jake said...

Thanks a lot, Robin. Now Abbie wants a box. You know we can't afford a box.

Oh, if you ever decide to give Charlotte away, we'll take her. She seems like a good one. Can she catch her own food yet? She needs to be able to fend for herself if she wants to be part of our family.