Monday, March 06, 2006

Our budding photographer

Whenever Tucker find's the camera within reach, he insists on taking pictures. He's actually improved quite a bit. See this picture of Trent, well for starters he got the person in the picture. Also, note the absense of a large finger colored blob obscuring the entire picture. Very nice.
Okay, obviously Tucker didn't take this one, but aren't we cute?

Here Tucker wanted to show you all how his little sister has a large bald spot on the back of her head and should not be told she is cute so often. He did take this picture although I had to zoom in quite a bit after he took it. Some of Tucker's other hobbies include eating chocolate or any candy or pop, elongating the word yeah in response to almost any question, pushing a chair to the kitchen counter and getting into the cupboards, climbing into the washer or dryer (whichever is left open), and squeezing out 2 drops of pee while sitting on the toilet to get a sticker on his potty chart and an M'n'M.

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Jake said...

Tucker and I have something in common. No, not photography....give up? That's right, we both get rewarded every time we pee.