Thursday, February 22, 2007

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Monday: Jill visited, we went to lunch at a good, cheap chinese place. It was really busy and had really slow service. Tucker fell asleep on the bench right next to me before we left.
Rain. WalMart. Blake and Andrea over for a delicious dinner of grilled salmon, cabbage, and homemade mashed potatoes followed by oatmeal cookies.

Tuesday: I got two cute, long shirts from Ross (my favorite place). One was $5.99, the other was $7.99. Tucker and Charlotte each got a new book also. Then we went to see Grandma for about an hour.

Wednesday: Kids didn't wake up til almost 4 pm from naps (Charlotte has gone back to 2 a day). We headed straight to Nana's to play. Nana gave me another cute long shirt. Trent met us theree for a yummy roast dinner. Went home, got Charlotte in her jammies and headed to Young Women's. First time for no breastfeeding.

Today I woke up feeling full and sore in one breast and instantly wanted to stick Charlotte on there for relief and snuggles. However, I have resisted the temptation. My baby is growing up. I feel sad knowing that I won't have that nursing time with her anymore, although I know my body could use the break for a few months.

The last few days during nap times when I should be cleaning I have been doing photo albums. Making a new one online to order and trying to redo some old ones. I also have tons of old photos in a box that I want to organize and sort into books. It is enough to keep me busy for a while and I'm not even doing anything cute or fancy like scrapbooking. It will still be really exciting to see it all done and easily available to look at. But I have to take a break today to clean the house since I am having girl's night tonight.


Tori :) said...

I can't believe you're already 18 weeks along. Has this gone fast to you or just me? :)
Can you come put my 4000 pictures into a photo album for me?

Unknown said...

I love your green shirt a lot.

When I was pregnant, someone from work gave me a bunch of scrapbooking stuff, so I thought, 'ok, here's my chance to start scrapbooking', and then I thought, 'no, I'll start a cute scrapbook, and then never finish, and then feel guilty, but not motivated to continue.....' (my feelings went on for a while). So I bought some photo albums, and just keep them updated whenever I develop pictures. I did, though, get the kind of album that has a little room next to the picture for written comments. (long comment, sorry)

Busy Bee Lauren said...

1. I love grilled salmon

2. Your shirts are adorable

3. Colleen makes the best roasts. I wish I could do it as well as she does.

4. Girl's Night tonight! Yay

Tori :) said...

I forgot- Liv hasn't ever stopped 2 naps a day. I was wondering when she would since Charlotte is only a month older. But now that you said Charlotte is back to 2 a day... well, yeah. No real point here.