Thursday, February 15, 2007

February 14

Well Trent and I aren't really big Valentine's Day enthusiasts. In other words we're not very romantic. I knew right away when we were dating and I got a street corner teddy bear basket for our first Valentine's together. Not my idea of a thoughtful or romantic gift. Anyway, I am pleased to get flowers nowadays.
Yesterday started off with uncontrollable vomiting, so things weren't looking up. My sister Karen is moving to Georgia today and we had planned to get together for lunch with Sarah and Michelle and our kiddos. So I managed to get dressed and my kids dressed by the time Karen got here. I was a little worried about leaving being sick, but I was starving and determined to go. Things worked out. I felt much better after eating a tasty BBQ chicken salad and seeing my cute sisters, nephews and niece.
The kids passed out on the way home. After naps we delivered some homemade handicrafts (Valentine's) to Grandpa and Uncle Troy at the shop and went and visited Grandma for a little bit. When we got home Trent had gotten me some roses and chocolates and I had gotten him some sugary stuff too.
Charlotte did some vacuuming, and I decided to start documenting my belly growth.
I am 17 weeks along now and I look like I have a bit of a beer belly. Most my normal shirts don't fit right and maternity clothes are too big. It's the fun stage where people think you are getting fat.

Well,Trent had whatever stomach bug had gotten to me that morning, so we weren't a very exciting couple. I put Charlotte to bed and headed to Young Women's where we decorated sugar cookies and delivered them to some widows in our ward.
Besides the tummy problems it wasn't a bad day. Although it was a little sad to get no lovin.


Unknown said...

Yeah for bellies!

Lindy said...

i can't believe she's real moving, plus i like beer bellies (i married josh didnt i) plus i found a few more pregnant clothes like the other half to that red and blue swummin suit, plus i was a sleepin when you called early and on the bank the nother time

Tori :) said...

Robin- I think you need to do some crunches... ;)
Try stretchy undershirts like Shade or a knock off. I wore them under my regular shirts until around 30 weeks.
You are cute pregnant. But I already knew that...

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

Cute tummy and cute kids!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

First off, that valentine by charlotte and tucker is so adorable! It's amazing they can write "Happy Valentine's Day" so well haha. Second, you have the cutest pregnant tummy I have ever seen...THE END

Macey said...

Why is Karen going to Georgia? That girl is always up to something crazy! Tell her hi for me.

Gina said...

You are hot even with a little beer belly. Very cute Valentine!
Love you!