Friday, June 08, 2007

Places to go, things to do?

That last post was just so I could hear how much my cute baby girl looks like me. After 4 years of hearing how much Tucker looks like his dad, I love hearing that Charlotte looks like me!
Well, not too much exciting new news. I have become even thriftier than ever lately. Not only will I not shop anywhere but WalMart because it is by far the cheapest, but lately I have been clipping coupons and price matching other stores weekly deals. All thanks to the Sunday paper.
After adding several names to my possible list of baby names I have gotten Trent to narrow it down so we are down to 2 of our original 3 which I am very happy about. This baby will be either Henry or Griffin and I love them both!
The search for the perfect house goes on. And on and on and on. Hopefully after this Saturday we will have a decision made. Everyone cross your fingers.
As summer is here and the heat is pretty much unbearable unless you are wet I would love some ideas for fun indoor activities for when we are not in the baby pool. My kids are pretty sick of coloring books.


Grace Ryan said...

I wish we had a walmart close by here in the bay. There are far too many libs that I think walmart is afraid to come because they'll sew for anything. Anyway, I love the name Henry. My friend's boy's name is Henry and he's adorable. I think Henry because it's classic, but it's just me and Ryan's opinion. Good job on narrowing it. Good luck with the heat. Maybe make homemade popsicles, homemade music videos, string popcorn for Christmas :) and puzzles? Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

if you are looking for fun activities, check out they have age specific crafts and games. i have found a lot of things there that savannah has enjoyed. good luck.

diana said...

amen to trying to entertain your kids while staying cool at the same time. let me know if you hear any good ideas!

Tori :) said...

YAY- I voted for Griffin...
I'm not as good at being thrify and still dressing as cute as you.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Aww I love both of the names :)

My mom use to teach me how to cook and now I am a cooking machine. You should tech your kids basic stuff. Those are my favorite memories from when I was little.