Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to Trent

Thursday we had a great time swimming and playing at Aunt Dusti's with her and her 3 boys, Aunt Andrea and Baby Ashlyn and Grandma Terrie. Charlotte and Tucker love the water!

That night I had dinner with Sarah, Abbie, and Lauren at Macaroni Grill. I wasn't all that impressed with the food, but the cake was great and the Happy Birthday song in Italian made for a good laugh. Thank you Sarah for dinner and Abbie for the cute yellow shirt!

Friday after getting ready and packing up the kids backpacks and Trent and my bag, we headed out. We dropped the kiddos off at my mom's and took off for "Weekend Freedom". We were cutting it close to get into a movie so we went thru the Chick Filet drive through before heading to see Evan Almighty. Now let me just say, sticking a bag of food into your purse to sneak into a theatre is one thing, but then adding 2 shakes in there is just silly. Somehow I managed not to spill all over the contents of my purse. The movie was pretty good, nothing fantastic. I'm glad we went to a matinee and it wasn't too crowded.
After the movie I made Trent take me to the IKEA store. We had never been to one, and I thought I'd like to check it out. We didn't get anything, but had fun and got lots of ideas. Then we headed to our hotel. The grounds were beautiful and it was just great to be alone with my hubby. We relaxed for a little bit and then headed around the corner to Pei Wei for dinner. yummy. I called my mom to see how the kids did and she assured me they were fine and asleep and I could go ahead and enjoy my night. We are old, boring and tired apparently because we ended up just hanging out in our room and going to bed pretty early. I turned 26. I have to say thanks for everyone who called and made me feel special! Lindy texted me a hilarious picture and Tori and Emily sent me an actual card in the mail! It's been a long time since I got mail. My brother Adam called while I was in the movie and I had of course not turned off my phone since I am not really accustomed to getting called on it. Crap. I really got to be the center of attention then.

We tried as hard as we could to sleep in and it was pretty unusual for us to stay in bed until 8. We headed to one of the hotel restaurants and enjoyed sticky bun french toast while we looked out over a lily pond and cute little ducks. Eating without kids is really enjoyable! We spent the rest of our time playing at the pools (thinking how much the kids would've liked it) and were just about the only adults going down the big twirly water slide. It was really great swimming with my husband and not having to worry about the kids, but it still felt weird. After check out we decided not to go back to the pool, but to go to a couple stores. I wanted to go see Spiderman 3, but the theatre we went to only had 2 showings and it wasn't close to time for one. We went and looked at the new Bass Pro Shop, which was okay, but it wore me out. I was tired and hungry. We had a tasty lunch at Rosa's and went straight to my mom's at about 3. I wish we had gone to another theatre and gone to a movie, cause we ended up hanging out at my mom's for a couple hours resting while the kids finished their naps and ran around some more.

Sunday after church we went to Trent's mom's to celebrate our birthdays. Andrea made me the tastiest lemon cake, since I requested it. I also brought some chocolate cupcakes in case some people wanted chocolate. We got spoiled with gift cards and lots of presents. It was a great weekend!


Busy Bee Lauren said...

Ohhh how we love the italian birthday song hahaha!

I am so glad you had fun on your weekend getaway!!

That picture with the lemon cake made me kinda looks scrumptious and so do you...i mean, you look cute :)

Anonymous said...

I am just relishing in your weekend know imagining what it would be like to have a nice weekend like that!

Your so loved and blessed is the feeling I get.

I left you a happy birthday comment on your myspace when Adam couldnt get ahold of you.

Love you.

Tori :) said...

YAY! What an awesome weekend. I'm so glad you had a good time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AND TRENT.

Your Chubs McGee picture looks like my butt when I'm pregnant...

Andrea and Blake said...

happy happy birthday to you and Trent, are we going to do dinner tonight at Fudruckers? pictures are cute and I'm glad you liked the cake!

Emily said...

You are gorgeous? Did you get my gift from Mark?

Gina said...

I am so glad your birthday weekend turned out so lovely! I have to say, Robin, you are really making baby #3 look appealing. You are so beautiful!

diana said...

happy belated birthday... those cakes look yummy!

glad you had a fun get-away!

Macey said...

What fun birthdays! And your belly is way cute!

Grace Ryan said...

You are so beautiful Robin. Wow... I wish I looked half as pretty as you do when I'm pregnant. You are so beautiful and such a good wife.