Monday, June 18, 2007

Another Daddy that I love

My Sweet Husband Trent the Daddy.
Trent is not what I would call the most sensitive of men, but it when it comes to his children he has a soft spot like no other. The first time I ever saw Trent get emotional (tear up) was when he expressed his gratitude that we were expecting our first child in testimony meeting.
One thing that has always attracted me to Trent is his rapport with children. Children love Trent and luckily for them he loves them too. Watching how Trent interacts with children and babies has always added to my undying attraction to him. Before we had our own children I had the pleasure of seeing how much fun he was with his and my neices and nephews. In both of our houses in Utah, where he was often working on cars out of our garage, a neighborhood kid took to him so well and made themselves his own little helper. He just didn't have the heart to turn them away when they were much less help than a hinderance.

When Tucker was born he was the shining definition of a proud father. He couldn't wait to show and teach him everything he knows.

Trent is a wonderful example to me of how we should be as parents. He is patient, gentle, kind, and sensible. He wants to give our children the world. He is so generous with them. He is playful and loves getting down and silly with them on the floor. He is Charlotte's everything, she can't hardly stand to let him out of her sight. When he is getting ready for work in the morning she insists on being as close to him as possible. He has to get ready with her in one arm for the most part and when he has to set her down she is following him like a little shadow.

Trent is such a hard worker and I know he will pass that on to our children. He is a wonderful provider and I know that as long as he is around I will never have to worry about all our needs being met.

I am so grateful for the wonderful fathers in my life.


Gina said...

He is patient, gentle, kind, and sensible. ... Ain't that the truth!

Happy Father's day, Trent!

Tori :) said...

Beautiful tribute Robin!!! And cute kiddos to boot.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

That was such a great post! I'm so glad you have such a great husband.