Monday, June 04, 2007

Short Post

I should be getting ready for my Doctor's appointment, but I want to post real quick. Last night I dreamt it was the end of June and I had to be induced 4 weeks before my due date. It was freaky, they were worried about some condition my baby had. I realized I had no clean clothes for my baby to come home to and not even a crib. Anyway somehow that dream transitioned into me being on a life raft surrounded by scary sharks. I woke up with my mind filled with things I need to do and soon.

Goals for this week:
See a couple houses for a second time and about 4 new ones. Pick one. Make an offer. ( We still have had no response from the lender on the house we already put an offer on. I'm not sure if that's a blessing or not yet.)
Get Packing and house cleaning.

This month it would be nice to:
Buy a crib (even though we have a bassinet so a crib can probably wait a couple months).
Buy a dresser (probably more urgent than the crib).
Wash and organize all the baby boy clothes. Do I want to do this before we move?
Narrow down our list of names and get Trent to actually tell me what ones he really likes.
Pack, Pack, Pack.

This is only a start of the things I should be doing. Aaaah.


Emily said...

I'm going to start packing this weekend. Good luck with your househunt.

Anonymous said...

Put on your list of things to do:

You had a frantic tone in this post, with good reason. I have the rest of those components to the portable ready for you if you still need it, if you dont let me know.

I really hope you find a house you love soon, good luck, I love you.

Tori :) said...

Breathe, 2, 3, 4... :)
So, what are you stressed about exactly? The sharks? Just kidding. I say- yes, wash the tiny stuff and put them in a tote box. That way they are ready if you end up on a life boat surrounded by sharks.
I hope you find your house soon! :)

Busy Bee Lauren said...

If you need any help packing or just watching your kids while you pack, seriously just CALL ME. I want to help...

Gina said...

Before you said "buy a crib" I was thinking you totally have time to get Charlotte in a big girl bed before the baby needs a crib. Then you said it wasn't as urgent as the dresser and you are right. Good luck! Good dressers are hard to find... even on Craig's list.