Friday, October 26, 2007

5 things I want my kids to know

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What 5 things do I want my kids to know when they leave my home and enter the real world. It's hard not to say what has already been said by others.

1. I would like them to know that I know the church is true and hope that they would have gained their own testimony of the truthfulness of it and it's principles and that by living them they can be truly happy.

2. I will have to also repeat others by saying that I want them to understand what a huge decision marriage is. I hope that they will be very prayerful and logical in whom they choose to marry. I know that is hard to do when you're in love. I believe that you can be in love with someone and that someone still may not be the right person for you to marry. I hope that they will consider it to be very important to marry someone to whom they can solve problems with, communicate with, and be their best self with, as well as love. Having said that, I also want them to know that no marriage is perfect. It takes a lot of work.

3. I want them to know that I love them unconditionally. That will never change. I don't think I can ever fully express the love that I feel for them. Sometimes when I look at them I am so overwhelmed by it that I am brought to tears. It is so amazing.

4. I want them to know how to work. I want them to know the appreciation you have for things when you earn them.

5. I want them to know that intelligence and knowledge is priceless. I want them to always keep trying to learn and grow mentally and emotionally.

I would like to tag anyone who thought of things they would like their kids to know while reading this. Especially Emily, Stephanie, Mel , and Tori
If you guys don't want to, don't worry, be happy. I won't cry.


Busy Bee Lauren said...

Awww...these were all so great! You are amazing :)

Caroline C. Bingham said...

Oh, sweet, sweet Robin, thanks for passing the torch to me. (sniff) I just don't know what to say.(sniff) I'd like to thank the academy. . . Okay, I just burst into giggles. But seriously, thanks. . . *Mwuah*

stephanie said...

those are good things for your kids to know. i don't know what i would add.

thanks for the award. you are sweet.

Tori :) said...

I'm so not good at being serious, but I'll try my best. :)

Gina said...

Excellent post! Your kiddos will be happy to read it some day! You are a wonderful and affectionate mother! I love that about you!

Nancy Face said...

Those were all so wonderful! I'm glad you did it! :)