Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I had a pretty frightening dream last night.
I was with my husband and kids at the church for some kind of ward party. It was pretty quiet. Somebody's cell phone rang. Then another. All of the sudden tons of cell phones were ringing. I thought something major must be going on. The windows started to darken. I looked out to see an enormous funnel cloud coming right for us. I immediately tried to gather up my family. I had Henry and Trent had Charlotte, but Tucker was running down the hall. The windows started to shatter so I dropped to the ground covering my baby. Amazingly we were all okay and I found Tucker and told him not to leave my side for the rest of the day. Things seemed to go back to normal and we were outside the church down a steep hill playing at the beach. Then the sky started to darken again. I asked Trent to help me get the kids up this very steep sand hill. He handed me the kids and I trudged up the hill with all three of them and no help. The sky was getting light so Trent decided to stay on the beach. I was not taking any chances and continued to hurry indoors to the church. Sure enough as soon as we were inside the storm was returning. I hurried my kids into a large room with only a couple small windows. I wanted to avoid the glass as much as possible. My friend Amanda and her little family were in there too. They helped me cover my children as once more a huge tornado passed over us shaking the walls, breaking the windows. It was awful, I could hear people screaming and running all around us. We were okay, but where was my husband? I asked Amanda to stay with my children while I went to look for him. I stepped outside to see a huge wave rushing back into the ocean pulling several people with it. I was yelling out for Trent, sobbing uncontrollably. I just kept yelling his name over and over. Finally, I saw him. He was crawling out of the water. He was alive!

It was right about then that I was awoken by henry crying. I was so upset. And relieved. It had been so real! But I was still mad at Trent for not helping me with the kids and for staying outside when it was so dangerous. Does anyone else have freaky dreams like me that leave you emotionally drained when you wake up?

Just thought I would share my crazy dream. Happy Halloween.


Melanie M. McKinnon said...

i do all the time. the medication i take makes my dreams more vivid so i wake up feeling crazy things. i can't believe how much fit into that little amount of time you probably slept!

Gina said...

It's a week of freaky dreams. I am sorry you had to go through that. Mine was on Sunday night/Monday morning and Ian's was Monday night/Tuesday morning. I meant to call you Monday to tell you all about it... I HAVE to share it now.

Laura and Jimmy said...

Oh my goodness! That is scary. I hate dreams that make you feel that way!!!

.....and we can't this weekend but we would looooove to do something next weekend!!! How about the 9th or the 10th??

Tori :) said...

I hate it when I have dreams that are so real you are totally upset when you wake up!! Ugh.
I hope you had a happy and safe Halloween. I copied your "stitches" for my costume. ;)

Anonymous said...

Since I was pregnant with Moqui, my thoughts and dreams are full of things I don't care to mention here, but I will say some of them disturb me at times, quite a bit.

Some people say it's normal....I don't know that it is or that it isn't. I truly empathize with the frightful feelings your dream brought up, perhaps it would be worth investigating further if they continue?!?!?!?

Your a super mom, whether it's a role in the dream, or in the waking hours, your babies are truly blessed;)

Nancy Face said...

I once dreamed that my hubby was really mean to me, and it was so real that when I woke up during the night, I hauled off and smacked him, then pushed him off the bed! He was rather bewildered, haha! :D