Thursday, October 18, 2007

6 things

So, Briana tagged me to tell you all 6 things about me. Interesting things, which may be a bit hard, since most everyone who reads this knows me pretty well and may find it most uninteresting. Anyhow, I know I am a pretty lame blogger and mostly use it as a journal, so maybe this will spice things up a bit. Cinnamon spicey, not red hot chili pepper flake spicey.

1. Food things. I love food and am not picky at all. About raisins though, I believe they belong in their natural state. I only like raisins plain or in raisin bran. I don't think raisins belong in cookies, pudding, or breads. I love bread, except banana bread. Also I don't like curry and thai food in general. Don't hate.

2. Art. I love it in many forms. I love fashion as an art, interior design as an art, art history and well, regular paint and drawing art. I took art all through high school and even took a Life Drawing class in college which was drawing nude models. My first nude sighting.

3. I am a procrastinator. I have a difficult time being on time. I hate that about myself.

4. My body. I am a pear. Big booty, small boobies. I love lifting weights and other strength training. I hate cardio. I love food and have no will power when it comes to modifying my diet. Help!

5. My job. I love being a mom. I love babies. I love the funny things kids say and do. I love the way my kids motivate me to be a better, stronger, more spiritual uplifting person. As for homemaking. I am not the greatest. I hate folding and putting away laundry. I hate cleaning. But I do love a clean house and the way Trent is so happy when it is clean. I don't mind cooking, but I am not that great. I am slowly, very slowly, improving and adding new recipes to my bag of tricks. I am learning to sew a little. Mostly straight lines. I am testing my skills at decorating, you guessed it, slowly.

6. I am frugal. Okay, cheap. I was raised that way and I like finding a deal. I rarely pay more than $20 for a pair of jeans. I go straight for clearance racks. I used to shop at thrift stores quite often, but haven't had any cash to do so lately. I do pretty well at staying within a budget. I'd say for having three kids to feed and clothe and house, that my spending is pretty darn good.

Well, I guess that's all. Sorry I couldn't think of anything more interesting at the moment.


Klin said...

I love a good clearance rack! Who cares about the latest styles. Saving money is so much better.

I have recently stopped cooking. The kids need to learn how.

I love a clean house, too. It's the cleaning I could do with out;)

Hey #7 should be cute kids- You have the cutest kids and they are so happy.

Emily said...

Your first nudist sightings were at home and they were frequent. Come on!

Gina said...

Emily's comment is cracking me up!

I SO didn't know that about the banana bread... I think I gave you some a few times... so sorry!

Glad to be in the small booby club with you. But we have nice bras to help us look balanced... too bad there isn't an accessory for thinning the junk in the trunk... of course you know I love your junk!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

No likey the Banana Bread?! That's ok, I forgive you because I totally agree with you on the raisin business! They DO NOT BELONG in delicious baked sugary goodness!!! I dunno if I like curry, I am too afraid to try it.

I have smaller boobs than you...don't deny it.

Nancy Face said...

LOL at Emily! :D

I'm so with you about the raisins! Procrastinating...yep, me too! I am also frugal...uh, cheap. Just ask my daughter! ;)

Yay, I'm a member of the small booby club! :D

Anonymous said...

Cute picture!

Tori :) said...

I don't like cooked fruit, so I think your raisin thing is right on.
I'm a pear also I think. I know my butt is big.

I think you're awesome. Just so ya know. And you should post more of your drawings.