Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Charlotte is 2!!

Yes the poor girl's birthday is the day after Christmas. Right now she is too young to care or complain, so we make the best of it. We were pretty tired on the 26th and didn't do anything until the evening. We had pizza and cake and put Charlotte's brand new kitchen together. Charlotte loved being sung to and blowing out the candle. So we did that a few times. Grandma and Grandpa decided to stop by and Charlotte got to wear some brand new jammies! We decided we would celebrate a little more at the end of the week when more cousins were in town. A cake that I actually made was enjoyed and Charlotte got more presents. She is such a funny girl. Each time she got new clothes she would immediately start stripping down so she could try them on!How cute are these jeans?

A mommy letter.

You are such an independent little girl. We can't get enough of you. You tell us you are "daddy's gee-rul" and it is pretty obvious that you are. Your favorite people include: Daddy, Tucker, "lil Hank", Grandpa, "Nae-Nae" (Aunt Karen), and Mark. You are constantly wanting to be held lately, following Daddy around requesting "hold you" repeatedly. Your speech is continually improving as you learn to pronounce new words and string several together. You are definitely not as concerned about pronunciation as Tucker was at your age, but you know how to communicate for sure. You are more beautiful than anything I could have imagined. You are kind and giving and very willing to share. You love books , babies, bath time, tickles, and play-doh, to name a few. You like to have me do your hair and paint your nails, even though holding still is a difficult task for you. We love watching you grow and learn. I love the rare times you will snuggle and kiss me. I love your little sense of humor and your funny little body and how clumsy you are with it. I love when you sing songs with nonsensical words and when you spin in circles. Everything you do is wonderful and I am so blessed to be your mama. I know you will continue to charm all those around you and amaze me with all you do and I look forward to each new milestone.
I love you my little Charlie Brown.
Your adoring mother


Unknown said...

hey, your blog's different. from like this morning. crazy. i'm going to change mine soon too, you need to tell me where you got your design.

anyway, the point of my comment. charlotte's kitchen is like a million times cuter than that other one. good choice. and you're right. she IS ridiculously cute.

stephanie said...

i like her kitchen. and your blog's new look. and charlotte. and you, too.

when do we get to see your headboard?

Gina said...

Happy Birthday, Charlie! You are so beautiful! I do hope it works out that she and Liam date some day! What a handsome pair!

I wish we were closer to see each of your babies grow. They are each so sweet and wonderful. I loved reading about Charlotte's mannerisms. So sweet.

Great to see your cute self in the door reflection taking her photo with the cake! Love you and miss you, Robin!

Nancy Face said...

She looks so cute in her jeans! And I love how you made the cake different on each side...I bet it made EVERYBODY happy! :D

Emily said...

I love those piggy tails! Can't wait to see you all.

micila's movement said...

Hey There Momma Powell! Love the new look, where do you get it? I love you and your family Robin, you are a beautiful soul imparting a legacy of sweet spirits to our world.

Happy Birthday To Charlotta-LOVIN'!!

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

soon she will learn to love her bday close to christmas. trust me. and if not, send her over and we will have a chat. cute blog!

Tori :) said...

Charlotte shares a bday with my sister!! HAPPY BDAY CHARLOTTE!!

Anonymous said...

Man, i love that little girl. she is light in my dreary life. i think shes alot like her mom. xoxo
Nae Nae

p.s. please notice what trent is doing with his mouth while he was putting together the kitchen. haha. dont wonder where your baby gets it from.