Monday, January 28, 2008

Henry 6 months

Henry's 6 month check up was today, although technically he turned 6 months old yesterday. The girl wrote that his weight was 15 lbs. 13 oz. but I'm almost positive that he is 16 lbs. 13 oz. He is 26.5 inches long. I was very frustrated because the new cream he had been given was working like a miracle and his face was clear in a couple days. However, that only lasted for a week and his terrible rash is back! AAAAahahh! We've been referred to a pediatric dermatologist clear out in Phoenix. Awesome. NOT. And then to cheer us all up Henry got 4 shots and one oral immunization. What a fantastic trip to the doctor.

My dear Henry,
You continue to grow and learn constantly. Lately you love to throw your head back and arch your back. You are so strong! It makes for very difficult diaper changes. You have been battling all month with a monster of a rash on your beautiful face, it makes all of us sad. You have learned two new faces. First, an adorable, huge, cheesy grin that you scrunch your whole face to make. It makes a darling crinkle in the bridge of your nose. Second, your new mad/tired face. It is also adorable and hilarious. It is a scrunched up face with a grimace instead of a grin. The funniest part is that you usually include a loud sniffing, huffing noise. I know you're mad, but it is so funny to watch I can't help but smile.
You get upset when others around you are upset. You especially don't like it when I use an angry voice with your siblings. You like bath time and enjoy sucking on a wet rag. You have tried a little bit of baby food, but don't manage to get much down. We will be practicing much more.
I love you tremendously and can't wait to see what you can do by next month.


Gina said...

The two faces you described in your letter sound so dang sweet! I loved the video! He is growing too fast! Bring him over here so I can kiss on those adorable cheeks!

I hope Trent was smiling when he said all those Da Da's... (I was sitting here saying "smile Trent" in the first part.)

Thanks for posting this. You made my night!

Emily said...

Love the dadada-ing! I bet by 7 months he'll be chowing down on cereal and veggies:) Poor little rash:(

Caroline C. Bingham said...

You know what though? The pediatric derms are AWESOME. Ours is at Phoenix Children's Hospital and seriously, I love him. Very kid friendly place, very VERY good doctors, and the meds they give? Are fantastic!