Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Elementary School

I can't believe I have a kid old enough to go to kindergarten this fall! Registration starts at the end of this month. I am overwhelmed by all the things to consider. I have been doing some research online, but still am not sure where I want Tucker to go. Many of the schools now have mandatory full day kindergarten, yuck! I do not think that Tucker or I am ready for that yet. Some still have the option of half day and I think I prefer that route. What things do I need to ask when checking out schools? I can see test scores and children per teacher ratios and parent reviews online, but I still feel totally unsure what is best for Tucker. I think school visits are in order, but will that help much? I don't know, I just want Tucker to have a good experience at school. I want him to like his teacher, to learn what he needs to know and to make friends and find out what he enjoys and excels at.


Caroline C. Bingham said...

Ugh. I just got done with all that crap. When's his birthday? In our case, it's mandatory that Tad do a half day, then a FULL day the next year.

anyways. I checked out all the schools and went and did observations in ALL the kindergarten classrooms.

Then I talked to the parents (tons of them) that live by me and have the same kind of parenting style/goal for their kids (because we KNOW that not everyone parents the same)Anyways. I finally settled on a school, and I know the teacher, and I'm great with the decision.

Good luck, though. Who knew taht starting school would be such a mess?

Gina said...

That would worry the crap out of me too! What a rough thing to figure out! I know you'll be blessed. Just keep praying.

Anonymous said...

I am in the same boat. Brayden goes this fall too. I feel like it is a big choice to make. Matt thinks are children will do well where ever they go. I am worried though.

Kaylani said...

I just went through all of this last year since Blkae is currently in Kindergarten. I finally decided that he'll learn all the basics wherever he goes and I would way rather him have to take advanced classes (like at Edison) than have to take tutoring if he couldn't keep up (like Franklin). He's at Edison now and LOVES it. They'll make friends wherever they go!

Melly Mel said...

You are a real mom now! A kid in elementary school Robin! I am so impressed! Tucker is such a cute boy. I can just imagine him with his backpack on and the girls just falling at his feet.