Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feeding Frenzy

Now for the report on Henry's progress with formula.
Here is the email I sent my SIL yesterday on the subject.

Henry pretty much survived the weekend by eating tons of baby food and only taking sips of formula here and there. Yesterday(Monday) he was fussy and mad all day. It was hard to come home to a baby that was mad at me. I pumped a few times while I was away, but without him eating at all my milk is pretty much gone. I tried to breastfeed some yesterday and there wasn’t much left. So this morning I have not offered him anything but formula. He hasn’t really gotten the hang of the sippy, but he got a couple ounces down and I am not going to give him baby food until this afternoon. I’ve got to keep this up now. I was just sobbing this morning because I felt so sad that I couldn’t feed my own baby and he was so upset and wanted to eat. Trent
convinced me not to just resort to solids, because then he’ll never get the hang of formula. I know he needs it because he didn’t have very wet diapers yesterday ( although he did manage to pee on MY pants once) and I just know the solids don’t have all the nutrients he needs. So it is still a work in progress, but with my milk gone now it is really my only option.

So then last night I had a little of milk to breastfeed him right before bed and a little for his 5 o'clock feeding this morning- although that was painful. Then he slept until 7 and it is as if a miracle occured overnight. Yesterday (Tuesday) I was successful at getting him to take a couple of ounces two or three times from a sippy. Which made me quite hopeful. Then today when he woke up he chugged 4 ounces without hesitation! I let him snack on some toast after that but still didn''t feed him any baby food. Now a few minutes ago I could tell he was almost ready for a nap so I made him 6 more ounces and he just corked it all! I am so ecstatic right now I could jump for joy! What a blessing. Who knew that my milk drying out would be just the thing I needed? Now he has been using the nuby sippies with the soft spouts, but I think he actually needs a bottle, because he is just chewing to get the milk out and not sucking. All the nipples I have are newborn ones, so I am heading out today to buy a faster flow nipple. Any favorites or suggestions?


stephanie said...

oh robin, that is such great news! i am so glad he is finally drinking the formula. what a relief!

Emily said...

Hooray, hooray!! This is such better news than Monday - 6 oz. at a time is more like it. Good job.

Jillsywillsy said...

Yay, your life is about to get easier. Then in September, it will get harder again. Good luck. You are doing great.

daveandbri said...

Yeah, so Brooklyn has decided she hates formula and we're kind of going through the same thing. . .I guess I just need to starve her to get her to drink it =). Luckily, she's almost 1 though so I'm hoping she likes whole milk better. I'm so glad you got a weekend away without any kids. I know it was probably so hard to leave them, but you need a break and you should probably take a few more before that next baby arrives. Miss you.

Tori :) said...

THat's great news Robin!! YAY!!

Amelia . Lyon said...

Okay....Seriously, how come the way our kids eat can TOTALLY stress a mom out?! I get way stressed out if Hudson doesn't eat enough veggies and even more stressed out that Sloan WILL NOT take a bottle or pacifier! I was just thinking the other day, what would I do if it got pregnant and had to quit nursing? So glad Henry figured it out. I guess we just have to do the best we can and our kids will eventually catch on to what's good for them!