Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Thursday

Don;t forget to: Smile,


And get plenty of rest.

You should also keep clean.


Gina said...

That the most precious post I've seen in awhile! Loving those baby faces... yes, even Henry. Darling babies!

stephanie said...

oh man, robin, paisley's cheeks!

Unknown said...

She's got the best cheeks ever! I feel like I should have a more original comment, but I could just squeeze 'em! Oh, I like the color scheme in her room. Refreshingly different. :)

Emily said...

Oh, Pastry, thank you for the good advice. You are such a good girl!

Anonymous said...

Darling room! Long time no talk by the way! A photog friend of mine ordered the parasols online and got me two..I don't know the website, but I do know they were only 5 each including shipping! Do you want me to try and find the site for you?