Thursday, March 05, 2009

Okay, my boring life has left very little that is blog worthy and honestly I just haven't felt like it that much lately. However, since the whole reason I have this blog is to keep record of my life and my kids lives, I can always update a little.

Tucker had his first field trip this week. The zoo. He was so excited to ride the bus. Adorable.

Henry has double ear infections. Again. Looks like he might have to get tubes just like Tucker.

Paisley has slept unswaddled for the last two nights. Wow, it seems like such a big girl thing for her to do. (I'll post pictures of her room in a day or so, even though there are some finishing touches that need to be made.)

Charlotte's new passion, hide and seek. She is actually getting quite good.

The weather is gorgeous this week. And the smell of orange blossoms are everywhere. I love it. I am longing to go thrift store shopping. I want some cooky old lamps and some milk glass.


Busy Bee Lauren said...

I will go thrift store shopping with you!

Klin said...

I want some gorgeous weather. We got snow again. SNOW!!!

Lauren knows how to score at thrift store shopping. You should take her up on it.