Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break has come and gone

Thursday after dinner we headed up to Christopher Creek, where some friends of ours are kind enough to let us use their lovely cabin. We enjoyed waking up to the cool crisp air. We enjoyed sitting outside around the fire and throwing pinecones, dried pine needles, and sticks in it throughout the day. We enjoyed taking fun rides together on the Ranger and Trent looked right at home and so content on the tractor. I ran inside to get my camera so I could capture him in that moment, only to find that I had forgotten the camera. Doh! (said as Homer Simpson). While snuggling Paisley inside I discovered that her two bottom teeth had come in!
If you look really closely you can see said tooth here.

We enjoyed the sounds and smells and feelings all around us. I can't wait until next time we can get away there again. It was a wonderful way to spend time as a family.

Sunday morning we spent some time together as well. What could be better than reading the Sunday paper before church?

Henry's croup kept him home Sunday. His cough is sounding better, but he is still running a fever and has no appetite whatsoever. Today he has only consumed apple juice, water, fruit snacks, and some dry cereal.

The kids were excited to have the missionaries visit for dinner tonight. So much in fact that after dinner they put on some costumes to show off.


Emily said...

Costumes?! Too fun! I was wondering what you did for Spring Break, sounds nice. The picture of everyone reading the paper is truly priceless!

Klin said...

You expect Spring break to come and go. Around here Spring came and went. 70's last week and 40's this week. doh!

You have a cute family and fun times. Is Paisley old enough for teeth? I though you just had her.

Anonymous said...

All missionaries expect costumes with their dinner appointments.