Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Break

The kids were sick with colds pretty much the whole week, so we mostly hung out at home. Paisley decided to see how smashed banana would work as hair styling product. It turned out pretty nicely.

Last Thursday Trent took the 3 "big kids" to Christopher Creek for the whole day. It was such a nice break. Do you know how easy it is to take one kid places. Really easy. We went to lunch with Karen and I even got to eat sushi, something I never get to do. I also got this dresser from craigslist. Exactly what I've been wanting to use for an entry table thing. I think it will look great once I oil it up. Friday my baby sister Claire spent the day and night with us while Mom was at Pioneer Trek. The kids loved having some extra entertainment. Trent was camping. Paisley enjoyed chilling in the baby swing on our trip to the park.

On another entirely unrelated note this is my final week of the four week boot camp. I am feeling good. I have lost 5 pounds and haven't measured inches yet, but I know that my body is changing. Anyway, now that my friend Kathi's husband's work schedule has changed she is going to sign up for the next four weeks and I am going to join her! I was sort of excited to finish boot camp, but then I was getting worried about ruining the progress I've made. I think 4 more weeks will be a good thing for me, even though it's hard.


Klin said...

I love that dresser. I've been looking for stuff like that for my home. Not much cool stuff that I like yet at my price here in my state.

Emily said...

Cute pictures. Bravo on four more weeks of boot camp!

Kathi said...

woot woot! can't wait for next week!