Thursday, October 15, 2009

Seen and Heard

Seen: A knot tying book on the back of our toilet and a length of rope tied around the bathroom doorknob. Oh the glamourous life of a scoutmasters wife!

During one of our many shoe hunts I said to Charlotte, "Look under your bed, look in the bathroom, look everywhere you can think,"

Charlotte: "My thinking's not coming out."

I also love to hear Henry talk about Star Wars.
"Mom, I'n Yoda mom, Tuckas Obi Won."


Emily said...

I heard the best stuff coming out of my kids' bedrooms tonight after they were in bed. You should call me to find out about all the cuteness here.
Oh, and there is a "bow" in my basement that my husband tries to make fire with on a regular basis (sometimes he even succeeds).

Unknown said...

Your kids are cute. :) See you Thursday.