Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day

After Henry came in our bed at 6:30 I couldn't go back to sleep. I got up and remembered I had forgotten to put one thing under the tree. I took it into the dark living room to discover that my darling husband had snuck my dream couch into our home (after convincing me it had been sold) while I was getting ready for bed on Christmas Eve. What a wonderful Christmas angel he is! He didn't even get to see the look on my face or the little tears that sprang to my eyes. I was so delighted! I went back to the kitchen and mixed up some german pancakes to pop in the oven. The kids woke up around 7:30 and I turned on the tree lights and waited with my camera while Trent ushered them in. They were all happy and darling. Paisley woke up and joined us within minutes and loved checking out everyone else's new gifts more than her own. Tucker got the DSlite and blue light saber he had asked for and was oblivious to anything going on around him after that. Charlotte got her first barbie and a cheap shopping cart that has been a huge hit with all the kids, along with various other goodies. Henry got several motorcycle toys and a tricycle that he's not quite big enough for.Paisley got her own baby with bed, stroller, and high chair along with a ball popper and brush blocks. They all got new dress ups as well. I was the most spoiled of all with my couch, an ipod nano, a breadmaker, a rotary cutter and mat, and lots more small goodies. It was glorious! Since Trent had recently bought his dirt bike all he got was some jeans, knee pads, and a couple other little things. I felt kinda bad.

Later in the morning we headed to my parents where we had the sibling gift exchange and we all got to talk to Mark who is finishing up his mission in Mexico. My mom and Aunt Lauren continued the spoiling of the kids and the beanies Lauren made were to die for (pictures soon). We had a big lunch and all the little cousins played. Then we headed out and stopped at home for just a minute before heading to Bart and Dusti's for more fun playing and more delicious food. It was a wonderful day with all our loved ones!


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Lisa said...

sounds like you guys had a great Christmas!! Your kids are darling!

Klin said...

Couch pics please!!!

We bought the bubble popper for AJ. It was so annoying. Then he played with it so much that he broke the handle off at the base and Al promptly fixed it so he could enjoy making more noise. Good purchase even though it was annoying!

Merry Christmas!!