Monday, January 04, 2010

weekend update

Charlotte's birthday is the day after Christmas. She woke up to a few balloons and a couple presents. After we cleaned the kitchen and said goodbye to all our relatives that were heading back home after coming down for Christmas she got to go on a date with her Dad. She got to pick out a toy at ToysRUs, get ice cream and a cake at Baskin Robbins and then she got to go play at Chuck E. Cheese! When she told me all about it I told her that's what my Grandpa Jay used to call a "triple treat" three places in one outing, pretty exciting. She also got presents from Nana, Grandma, Blake and Andrea,and Kim and Dan. We were planning to celebrate with more cake and presents the next Sunday (yesterday) over Sunday dinner. Our New Year's was boring as usual, we hung out in the hot tub for a while, let the kids stay up a late. Tucker played with the neighbors for a while and we were all in bed by 11. Tucker woke up around 2am puking and threw up several times. He slept a lot the next day. We had been planning to go stay in a cabin up at Christopher Creek that night. Trent ended up taking Charlotte and Henry up and met Blake and Andrea and their kids there. It was so quiet with just Tucker and Paisley and I spent pretty much the whole time folding laundry and cleaning out the closet, which I have been meaning to do forever. So Saturday afternoon when Trent got home Tucker and I went on a date, since we had missed out on the snow day fun. We went to the dollar theater to see Up and ate dinner out. It was fun to have some one on one time. Sadly Charlotte and I were up that night with the pukes and though Charlotte seemed fine in the morning I was miserable all day. We missed the Sunday dinner and didn't get to celebrate for Charlotte. So I guess we'll just get to stretch that out even longer. Thankfully today I am feeling much better and Tucker is back in school.


Macey said...

I love her hair, so cute! Too bad about the sick kiddos, hope all is better now.

Emily said...

Love Charlotte with the curls!! So sorry you three were sick:( Hope your in tip-top shape tomorrow.