Monday, April 05, 2010


So I am losing everything! Trent changed out our computer but has not made time to set my Outlook up, so I haven't been able to get any email except my gmail. Then on Thursday we met up with Trent for lunch. I let Paisley hold my phone in the car to pacify her whining. It is now lost. Gone. Untraceable. I don't use my cell phone a ton, but it has still been a real pain to not have it. The main thing is that all my contacts are gone with it. Boo. And Trent doesn't seem in a hurry to replace it.

Friday night we went camping. Tucker was the Star student, which gives him the priveledge of having Baxter the class bear for a week. He is supposed to do fun things with Baxter and document it in writing and pictures. So we took him camping with us. We went with Blake, pregnant Andrea, Ashlyn and Weston. It was lovely and we had so much fun. The kids loved having us all squeezed into a tent together. I must admit, it went better than I thought. As we were getting ready to leave the campsite I was looking over the pictures we had taken on my camera as I was sitting in the car. On our way home, Tucker was worried that he had left Baxter. I was sure he had gotten packed up somewhere. As we were unpacking we couldn't find Baxter anywhere. Of course I would be the one to lose the class bear! I was sure I would spend a good amount of my Easter Sunday driving back to the campsite to search the bushes for the bear or have to ask Tucker's teacher where I could go to replace the bear. Luckily we decided to get Tucker's sleeping bag out and shake it loose (even though Trent thought he would've noticed a lump while putting it away). Thankfully Baxter was there! A huge relef. Now my other problem. I can't find my camera that I was so sure was in the front seat of the car!
I'm pretty sure the next thing I'm going to lose is my mind!


Klin said...

I am vicariously traumatized with you. How frustrating! I hope you start finding things soon.

Elizabeth said...

Why does that happen... you lose one thing and then a whole heap of stuff at the same time! So frustrating.
I love your little girls hair (with the little bobbles all over)very cute.

Emily said...


Laura and Jimmy said...

oh, robin! i'm sorry. i hate crazy times like that!! i'm happy you found the bear... and eventually your camera :)