Friday, April 23, 2010


So the camera turned up under one of the seats in my car. Right now I am feeling bloated and greasy from the 3 pieces of pizza I just downed. I know it's unacceptable and yet. . .At least I jogged 2 miles this morning right?Anyway at last night's "bunko" activity we fabric painted shirts. Mine didn't turn out perfect (I had a little seeping of paint) but I still loved how they turned out. when looking for something cool, fun, funky, retro that Tucker would like I stumbled across The Thundercats logo and knew it was perfect. I would have loved it even more just a little larger and with different colors, but the only solid color shirt I found in Tucker's size was brown. It was a hit and 2 other girls used it as well. It looked great in black and yellow. I love russian nesting dolls and was looking at some images of them when I stumbled across the images I used for Charlotte's shirt. I still need to make Paisley and Hanky something, but for now these are it.
Also found these cute pics of my kids watching their Aunt Karen blow bubbles
And did I mention the freaky barbie mask Charlotte printed off our computer?


Emily said...

I was just going to comment on how darling those shirts are and then I saw the last picture and I just can't seem to stop laughing...

Elizabeth said...

wow the shirts are amazing. I love the Babushka dolls on your little girls top.
Your yard and grass look fantastic too!
And... I ate 3 slices a pizza last night and feel so much better to learn I am not the only one who does that... thanks!

Gina said...

GREAT work on the shirts! LOVE them!

I adore that bubble photo.

And yes, the mask is freaky.

emily and Nate said...

cute, cute,cute!

Klin said...

I love those shirts. Can't wait to see what you do for Hank and Paisley.

Freaky mask and is not nearly as cute, pretty, adorable as the real thing.

Aunts are the best people...well 3rd best. 1st are mom's then 2nd are grandma's ;)

KatieJ said...

haha! That mask made me laugh out loud. But I love the shirts you made! I've been wanting to try... did you do it with freezer paper?