Monday, April 05, 2010


I found my camera. Yes! It was in the back seat of the car sorta hidden. Anyway, now you can see pics of all the going-ons.
Charlotte, Abbie, Mel, Kim, moi, and CassiGirl's night at Liberty Market. Fun girls and delicious food! Not all the girls knew eachother, but it was still a blast. Only 4 of us hung out after dinner, but it was so fun talking we ended up standing around gabbing until 11pm in the parking lot of Barnes and Noble! You probably won't be surprised when I tell you that I lost my headband that night. It was the first time I wore it, so I was pretty bummed. I think my brain is malfunctioning lately!

Our church had a breakfast and Easter egg hunt the week before Easter which was great! Candy!Friends.Rainbow face.Angel face.Last Sunday we hung out with the B* family. Nana making Charlotte laugh. Charlotte has to be within arms reach of Nana the whole time we are there.Sarah and Henry are always so cute together.

Brother Mark and sister Karen looking foxy.

I'll have to post this weekends adventures tomorrow.


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Klin said...

Yay!!! Found!!!!

Good times.

Kaylani said...

you look a-mazing! i had to scroll back really far to see how you've totally transformed yourself! way to go. it must feel absolutely wonderful. you've inspired me!