Friday, June 25, 2010


Today my darling husband turns 32. He is amazing. There are definitely more things that I love about him than things that irritate me. :) How can I describe Trent for you. Beautiful, strong, smart, self reliant, multi-skilled, completely loyal, so hard working, playful, happy, focused, ambitious, rational, calm, dedicated, wonderful. He is definitely the yin to my yang. I can't imagine my life without him (and wouldn't want to). Happy Birthday honey. Sorry our date was cancelled.

*As soon as I brought the babysitter over Paisley started vomitting repeatedly :(

P.S. I added the girls night pictures to my last post


Kathi said...

blast that vomitting, it ruins everything!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Robin's Hubby!
You two look like you should be in a magazine ... you are so CUTE!

PONCIANO said...

Thats a bummer you didn't get to go on your date! Happy Birthday to your hubby!