Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I've officially stopped aging.

We didn't get pictures while my sister Sarah and my friend Camille were still there.

I turned 29 yesterday which I believe means that I never have to grow a day older. Aren't women supposed to stay 29 forever? Well, that's fine by me. My husband totally spoiled me with a fancy pants camera (a canon rebel) that I am so stoked about. Now I just need to learn how to use it :) It was a nice, normal day. Paisley locked herself in her room that happens to have a key lock with no key and Trent had to come home to do some serious tool work to get her out. I mostly focused on keeping her and I calm by playing with a toy lizard under the door. Then I had a glorious girl's night with happy hour sushi rolls at Kona Grill followed by some browsing at Nordstrom Rack and dessert (pizookies) at BJ's and a lot of girl talk. So great. Trent took some pictures of the kids while I was out. They were enjoying the sprinklers.


Colburns said...

Happy Birthday I am sad I missed it! Looks like fun though and when I have nothing going on I will be back for sure! I think that is the one thing that draws me back from the nice camera: it's so big and if I drop it(and I will) I would cry.

Kathi said...

the pics look great, im a little jealous but like your friend above I was too afraid to buy a nice one because i know i would break it. love it though.

Klin said...

Some adorable kiddos you've got there. Yay for camera giving on your birthday. Now you've just got to keep it away from your kids. I don't have much luck with that, but mine are older now so they break and lose them less often.

Emily said...

Are those pics on the new camera? They are to die for! Your kids are so gorgeous, which is no wonder looking at their parents;)

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Robyn!
You looks fabulous and yes you will be 29 forever.