Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I hope the Monsoons aren't over yet!

If you don't live in AZ, you might not know about monsoon season. The best time in the summers are when you get the monsoons. Big, heavy dark clouds full of rain that we rarely see. I love how they can come on so fast with a boom of thunder and a burst of lightning, then the rain speeds down so fast with the air still hot and thick. Unfortunatley it usually only lasts a matter of minutes and many times after we're all in bed. Here are pictures from one we were able to enjoy a week or so ago.
Paisley didn't bother with an umbrella, but just ran back and forth from the covered patio to feel the rain splash down on her.


PONCIANO said...

FUN!!! Your kids are so cute!!

Emily said...

SO cute!

Emilee said...

Cute pictures! Pasley looks so adorable! Hey, I am going to be in Utah from verterans day to Thanksgiving. Definitley let me know if you are going!