Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Okay, so I am in the throws of planning our first family trip to Disneyland and there is so much to consider. I am not a very organized person or a great plan ahead type of person, so this is taking me loads of time. In my quest for an affordable hotel, I am considering a few main amenities that I want. None of the hotels have everything that I want, but I have narrowed it to 4 that come close. My top priorities (in no particular order) were to have 2 beds plus a pull out couch, free wireless for Trent, free breakfast, free parking, and a free shuttle. All are missing at least one element, but here are my top 4 choices The Anaheim Marriott Suites, The Peacock Suites, The Candy Cane Inn, and The Holiday Inn Express Anaheim Maingate. I am sort of leaning towards the final one and if you know me well you could probably guess it is because they have the best free breakfast, but we would be paying for a shuttle. Anyway, I've made much progress. I have found a disneyland tip website that has proven quite helpful.

In other news Charlotte has a terrible sore throat (after a long night of awful coughing and weezing I think it is croup, so we will be visiting the doctor today). I have a terrible lack of motivation to diet and exercise. And Trent has the inability to stay awake past 9pm lately. So that about covers it. My kitchen is not entirely finished, but the paint, one set of curtains (I need to shorten the other) and the new light fixture is up. I have collected quite a few plates for my plate wall and should be able to start on that soon. Soon is a relative term, maybe in the next month. 

P.S. I ordered my shabbyapple dress last night. I didn't get any of the ones I was considering. I ended up getting one of theiur brand new ones called Gray Fox. Here's to hoping I like it and that it fits well!


Anonymous said...

Hey rob, this is Ted. I am excited for your DL trip. Just a couple things - Lar's family has always stayed at the Homewood Suites which had a room with 2 beds and a pull-out couchbed, which i slept on when i went w/ them before my mish. They also had free parking & breakfast that was great and shuttle came to hotel, but it wasnt free. Walking to the park we would pass Candy Cane Inn which I always thought looked awesome and someone more recently told me every room was unique and I want to try it out, plus it is super close to the park entrance.
Sorry Charlotte is sick. I love her and love that she love me too. What a sweet thing.
Plate wall is cool idea and Lar is starting one of her own too. Love you all

Unknown said...

I've stayed at the Howard Johnson twice. We really like it there. They have a free shuttle I think, but the first time we went, they said that they're the first hotel on the route, so it takes a while to actually get to Disneyland on it because they go to a bunch of other hotels too. But it's a quick ride FROM Disneyland. We ended up just walking every time, and it took about 10 minutes with strollers and a 3-year-old. It was close enough to go back and forth for naps if we wanted to. They don't have breakfast but they do have empty fridges and some rooms have a microwave, so we bought cereal and yogurt and stuff to take to the park when we got there. They also have the most incredible pool if you're there long enough and on a warm enough day (google howard johnson disneyland)

Megan said...

We did Disneyland 2 years ago and We stayed at the Comfort Inn & Suites. It was great & we were all about the free breakfast as well. We bought the shuttle pass for the whole trip. it wasn't a bad price (Like $7 for adults I think) But it was close enough that we walked it a few times. They had a family type room that had your standard 2 bed but it also included a little room with a set of bunk beds. We didn't need that room at the time, but my brother & his family got it. It was FABULOUS!!
Our first choice was the Park Vue Inn, but we waited to long to book the room & the better deal was the comfort in. The Park Vue aslo had the family room with bunk beds & the free breakfast. Once we were there in California we realized that is where we will stay next time. It is as close as you can get without staying in one of the parks hotels. I know a few people who have stayed there and it's the only place they stay.
Hope that help! Good luck.. I'm jealous!!

Skye said...

I'm planning a trip too, you'll have to get me the website that has been helpful.

Klin said...

I'm a fan of Staybridge Suites. I must stay there each time now. I found it through getawaytoday.com. I love that site.

Have fun. We are trying to go in April. Just depends on the cash flow after the wedding.

KatieJ said...

Am I too late? We are going next month and staying at the Embassy Suites Annaheim SOUTH- I totally recommend it! We have been twice before (though it's been over 5 years) but we loved it. The free breakfast is much better than other hotels, and all the rooms are SUITES so you can have a bedroom, plus the couch in the family room area folds out to a bed, so kids can sleep and you can watch TV! Plus there's free drinks and popcorn in the evening which is nice when everyone is hungry 16 minutes after dinner!

KatieJ said...

PS I love the light fixture and curtains!!!