Monday, September 20, 2010

My Baby is 2!

The latchboard was a hit.

Paisley turned 2 yesterday! Yep, it's the first time since I've had kids that one of them has turned 2 and I wasn't pregnant again or already had another baby! First thing in the morning (and I mean FIRST THING) we had Paisley open a couple presents and have her birthday doughnut. She liked the singing but wasn't too sure about the candles.

Pailey loves books and animals.

We just celebrated at Trent's parents house with the aunts, uncles and cousins. I wanted to make it really cute and took some inspiration from blog land. Here's how the little party turned out.

I used this napkin flower banner I made for a baby shower last week.

I made this "Hooray" banner based on one I saw on the Full House blog that I read.

I think teeny tiny clothes pins are adorable.
Displayed some photos of the birthday girl.
Fabric painted this 2 on a shirt (at this point she had already eaten a strawberry in it!)
Made a lemon cake with flag banners and nesting dolls. (Looked better than it tasted I'm afraid). And made some cake pops as well.

Paisley does the nose-lick quite often. We can thank her dad for teaching her that one!
She loved opening the presents! She would reach in the gift bags and pull out each individual tissue and hand it to Trent before pulling out the gifts.
Saying thank you to Uncle Troy.


Emily said...

So much cuteness and fabulousness in one post, I don't even know where to begin!

Klin said...

Spectacular stuff going on here.

Happy Birthday to your Paisley!

Colburns said...

AAH I can't believe our girls are two ( well not yet for nixin but almost) Cute party Ideas I love the flowers! and you hair looks cuter then ever(0:

PONCIANO said...

Happy Birthday Paisley! What a cute 2 yr old and a fun party! How do you make the cake pops (maybe thats not what you called them:))

Kristen said...

I can't believe she's that big! I've never seen her with her hair pulled back!!

You put so much work into her party and it all looks darling! Love the shirt, the cake pops, banners, everything! You're such a good mommy!!