Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My mind is full of meaningless nonsense. Why not spill some of it here?
There are so many ways that I want to improve myself. So many things I want to learn (spanish, guitar, photography, painting), unlearn (yelling and swearing), and so many places I want to go and see (New York, Hawaii, Paris, Italy, China,. . ). There is this whole better me I want to be (nicer, more thoughtful, more organized, more fit, less judging, more fashionable, more learned in the scriptures and in history,  and with a larger vocabulary). Then I think, how can I do all that when I can't even keep up with the laundry!


Elizabeth said...

I have had some similar thoughts lately. I am trying to change my eating habbits and get fitter ... so I dedicated a lot of time to both and I am seeing NO results.
Sorry I really wasnt trying to make this about me ;-)
Thinking about the improvements and having the desire for change is the first step.

BrookiesCloset said...

I would choose one thing you want to change and use the things you want to learn and do as a reward for your accomplishment. Maybe find someone who wants to work on something and be accountable to them and visa versa. One thing that really helps is to put it out there; make your goal public. Tell people how you're doing, and celebrate the small steps along the journey. Maybe report on your blog once a week on your progress. When you accomplish your goal, celebrate with us, and then do something you want to do. I hope that gives you some ideas to think about.

Emily said...

You are not alone. I think everyone feels this way. At least you are articulate! My solid goals = Disneyland in 2011 and Italy in 2012. Catch up with laundry and dishes= Saturday.

Klin said...

This is why we don't have to do everything all at once and we have season's in life.

I like Emily's goal of Disneyland in 2011. That is my hope, too.