Friday, November 19, 2010

Field trip to the farm

With Hank's joyschool. Charlotte and Paisley had a good time too.


Unknown said...

Hello, I am from Spain, and I don´t speak English very well, but I saw your blog, and I think that is very funny ¿Why?. Becouse you have the tipe of "perfect familly" that the spanish see in the film (or movie), I don´t know.
I don´t think that you going to read this, but this is my blog (in spanish):

Unknown said...

OK, thanks for rewrite, but in my blog I wrote about the american films, I forguet to tell that a detail, the mother have a beatutyfull shop (Goodie Jar).
Sorry, but in Spain there are a lot of american Jokes. Is true that in U.S.A. there is very patriotism? Is only a qestion. Thanks

Emily said...

Wonderful:) Can't wait to see you all!!

Anonymous said...

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